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April 1, 2021 | 30-Year KUHN Anniversary

Our managing director Jürgen Kuhn is able to look back on a 30-year work career with us. On the occasion of this anniversary, we would like to express our THANKS to him and review a few highlights in his KUHN history so far!

After studying electrical engineering in Mannheim and working at Siemens, on April 1, 1991 Jürgen Kuhn began his professional career with KUHN GmbH, which was still run by his father, Günther Kuhn, as a project manager and electrical engineering calculation specialist.

In 1997, together with his cousin Michael Kuhn, as the third generation in their family, they acquired the shares in the company and since that time he has been co-managing shareholder.

He was initially responsible for electrical engineering at the company. In the meantime – due to organizational restructuring in 2014 – he has also taken over responsibility for project management, production, assembly, purchasing, service and warehousing.

Over the years, Jürgen has left his mark on many milestones in the history of KUHN GmbH: To name only a few, in 2002 the acquisition of the Egner company’s assets, and in 2004 the acquisition and development of the Schell company site in Höpfingen. The expansion or enlargement of the KUHN company premises (extension of the paint shop, new construction of building 2, modernization of office building 6, etc.) was largely supervised by him.

He contributed significantly to the growth of KUHN GmbH and the development of the international sales market in recent years.

He is also active in the industry outside KUHN GmbH and as a member of the IHK Rhein-Neckar General Assembly.

Dear Jürgen, on behalf of the entire workforce, we want to say THANK YOU for your dedication and commitment as managing director, project manager and representative over these past 30 years! All our best wishes and many happy returns of the day...

1000th Archimedean screw pump

February 2021 | The 1,000th KUHN Archimedean screw pump

At the end of 2020 we received an order from the "Eichsfelder Kessel" regional wastewater association to supply and install three Archimedean screw pumps for the Bernterode sewage treatment plant.

When completed at the end of April of this year, one of these three units will be the 1,000th screw pump to leave our production line since 1978.

At the time, Kuhn GmbH was breaking completely new ground with technical dimensioning and qualified manufacturing. Today, KUHN is the largest German manufacturer of Archimedean screw pumps, which make a significant contribution to the success of the company.

In addition to production, the refurbishment of screw pump lifting stations has also become a key area of focus at our company. Tailor-made solutions are offered in line with customer requirements and solutions developed specifically for individual applications.

In the case of this order, three compact tube screws measuring 900 mm in diameter and 5000 mm in length are integrated within a sludge recirculation pumping station. With an energy-efficient IE4 engine, infinite height adjustment for adjusting volume flow rate and an aluminum weather protection hood, we are certain that this equipment will serve its purpose for many years to come.

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1000. Wasserförderschnecke

Februar 2021 | 1000. KUHN-Wasserförderschnecke
Ende des Jahre 2020 erhielten wir vom Abwasserzweckverband Eichsfelder Kessel für die Kläranlage Bernterode den Auftrag über die Lieferung und Montage von drei Abwasserförderschnecken.
Eine davon ist die 1000. Förderschnecke, die seit 1978 voraussichtlich Ende April 21 unsere Produktion verlassen wird.
Mit der technischen Dimensionierung und der qualifizieren Fertigung betrat man damals absolutes Neuland. Heute ist die Firma KUHN größter deutscher Hersteller von Wasserförderschnecken, die einen wesentlichen Anteil zum Geschäftserfolgt beitragen.
Neben der Produktion ist auch die Sanierung von Schneckenhebewerken ein Schwerpunkt geworden. Im Sinne des Kunden werden maßgeschneiderte Lösungen angeboten, um eine für den Einzelfall angepasste Lösung zu entwickeln.

Bei diesem Auftrag kommen 3 Rohrkompaktschnecken mit einem Durchmesser von 900 mm und einer Länge von 5000 mm in einem Rücklaufschlammpumwerk zum Einsatz.
Mit einem energieeffizienten IE4-Motor, der stufenlosen Höhenverstellung zur Einstellung der Fördermenge und der Aluminium-Wetterschutzhaube ausgestattet, sind wir sicher, dass diese Maschinen lange Jahre zuverlässig ihren Dienst verrichten werden.

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Conference Room

February 2021 | Renovation of the conference room

In Office Building 1, the conference room, which had scarcely been altered since 1993, has been re-modeled into a modern communications room.

The usual meetings around a “round table” are no longer up-to-date. We were forced to acknowledge this by 2020, when events and meetings were mainly conducted digitally.

The room has not been set up in a conventional way, but has been given an appealingly relaxed flair. It not only meets the requirements for modern communications, such as for example online meetings, but will serve as the platform for casual internal discussions, development of ideas, and sharing of knowledge within our departments and working groups.

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Communal Sludge Press

January 2021 | Mobile intercommunal sludge press (MSP)
Since 2002 a number of rural municipalities in the Buchen area have been jointly operating a mobile sewage drainage system. The centrifuges and all necessary equipment such as pumps, flocculant treatment and metering, and the necessary control systems are installed in a truck trailer. This trailer is transported by the local user cooperative to the plant where it is to be used and set up, connected and operated by local specialized staff. The system is organized by the City of Buchen. Maintenance is mainly carried out by the Service Department of KUHN GmbH and electrical faults are quickly eliminated by the company’s center for electronics and automation to the customer’s complete satisfaction.
Unfortunately, the ravages of time – corrosive air and dampness – have now led to serious damage to the electronics. However, sealing of the leaky roof of the housing was not possible, as the opening in the roof had to be retained for maintenance purposes.
As a result, it was decided to overhaul the entire internal technology of the equipment and renew the housing and chassis.
The old trailer was dismantled by KUHN GmbH, the centrifuge overhauled by a specialist firm in Würzburg, and a new chassis and mounting supplied by a local vehicle builder. The power distribution boards for the centrifuge and the flocculant treatment and metering were completely renewed by KUHN and mounted in a control cabinet.
Operations will commence in the near future under the supervision of the centrifuge specialist in a plant that is served by the mobile sludge dewatering system.

All in all, a very interesting and not everyday task for KUHN GmbH.

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