Advent Calendar

January 2020 | First prize

“We Serve” – All activities pursued by a Lions Club are committed to this goal.

For no less than the 15th time, the Lions Club Madonnenland has again managed to fill the annual Lions Advent Calendar Raffle, with many attractive prizes.
Once again, pre-schools and kindergartens, schools, youth facilities and other social projects in the district are being supported through proceeds from sales of the Lions Advent Calendar Raffle.
As President of the Lions Club Madonnenland, our managing director Dr. Michael Kuhn actively supports this project.
This is why the CEO of Kuhn GmbH gladly agreed to sponsor the main prize for last yearʼs Advent Calendar
raffle. The winners were presented with a prize worth €4,000: a trip for two to Dubai, including VIP tickets to EXPO 2020 not available to the general public.
First prize went to Ms. Nicole Münster from Schweinberg and her family and was presented by managing directors of KUHN GmbH, Dr. Michael Kuhn and Mr. Jürgen Kuhn, during an awards ceremony and reception attended by Vice President Ursula Hammer and Beate Tomann of the Lions Club.

We hope Ms. Münster enjoys an exciting time and many great impressions on her trip to Dubai.


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