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January 2020 | Donation
There was considerable joy among children from the primary school in Höpfingen and their teachers: The president of the Lions Club Madonnenland, Dr. Michael Kuhn, had brought a substantial gift to the Höpfingen Elementary School. More specifically, he pulled a check out of his pocket worth €1,000: That is the amount being contributed by the Lions Club towards work on the new school playground.
School principal Susanne Lindlau-Hecht expressed her gratitude for the donation and was also delighted by the relief this brings to the community, which is not financially well off. Kuhn said the donation came from “discretionary funding set aside for special measures” that was drawn upon for the school. “It is a project that benefits our youth,” he emphasized, praising in particular the untiring activity of parents and the numerous donors involved in the restoration of the school grounds. “This cooperation put together an absolutely remarkable overall package,” he emphasized in acknowledgement of efforts by all involved.


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