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April 1, 2021 | 30-Year KUHN Anniversary

Our managing director Jürgen Kuhn is able to look back on a 30-year work career with us. On the occasion of this anniversary, we would like to express our THANKS to him and review a few highlights in his KUHN history so far!

After studying electrical engineering in Mannheim and working at Siemens, on April 1, 1991 Jürgen Kuhn began his professional career with KUHN GmbH, which was still run by his father, Günther Kuhn, as a project manager and electrical engineering calculation specialist.

In 1997, together with his cousin Michael Kuhn, as the third generation in their family, they acquired the shares in the company and since that time he has been co-managing shareholder.

He was initially responsible for electrical engineering at the company. In the meantime – due to organizational restructuring in 2014 – he has also taken over responsibility for project management, production, assembly, purchasing, service and warehousing.

Over the years, Jürgen has left his mark on many milestones in the history of KUHN GmbH: To name only a few, in 2002 the acquisition of the Egner company’s assets, and in 2004 the acquisition and development of the Schell company site in Höpfingen. The expansion or enlargement of the KUHN company premises (extension of the paint shop, new construction of building 2, modernization of office building 6, etc.) was largely supervised by him.

He contributed significantly to the growth of KUHN GmbH and the development of the international sales market in recent years.

He is also active in the industry outside KUHN GmbH and as a member of the IHK Rhein-Neckar General Assembly.

Dear Jürgen, on behalf of the entire workforce, we want to say THANK YOU for your dedication and commitment as managing director, project manager and representative over these past 30 years! All our best wishes and many happy returns of the day...


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