KUHN – Made in Germany, deployed internationally!

Plants and machines installed by KUHN are in use in many different areas and highly varied configurations. Regardless of where they are deployed, our plant and equipment installations work smoothly and consistently achieve what they were designed to do.

Our plants and machines are manufactured and installed on site by our company staff backed up by our recognized expert knowledge, our vast experience and not least of all with the high standards we set for ourselves. At the same time the conditions prevalent at the installation site as well as customer requests and requirements are considered as well. This ensures that the plants and customized machines deployed precisely match what is required for each installation scenario. This makes each plant and each machine unique because it has been dimensioned and manufactured to fulfill your specifications precisely!

Our machines and plants can also be used across a wide range of application areas.

Machines for wastewater cleaning from KUHN have been installed in areas such as

  • The headworks of municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • The headworks of industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Stormwater treatment plants
  • Companies in the foods and pharmaceutical industry
  • Sludge composting plants

Our Archimedean screw pumps have been installed in areas such as

  • Wastewater pumping stations
  • Intake structures at municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Intake structures at industrial wastewater treatment plants

Our hydropower screws are deployed in

  • Watercourses such as streams, secondary canals, etc.
  • Drainage and outlets of wastewater treatment plants

Plants by KUHN GmbH are installed in

  • Deep wells, pumping stations, waterworks, elevated tanks (all for drinking water)
  • Stormwater treatment plants, stormwater overflow basis and reservoir canals
  • Wastewater pumping stations
  • Sewage and wastewater treatment plants
  • Composting and biogas plants
  • Dams

We cover a broad range, not only in terms of designs but also the selection of materials and plant and equipment size and dimensions. This extends from the installation of a pipeline section to assembly of screen systems all the way to supplying all the equipment needed for a complete sewage treatment plant. All intermediate steps related to such job orders are also possible as well.

Incidentally, KUHN can also provide any electrical and automation technology required for all the machines and plants we supply. All from a single source and optimally as a turnkey solution. We can also supply mechanical components only as well as the functional specifications for instrumentation and control engineering. Or, if you wish to have “only” the electrical engineering supplied for your plant. We are happy to complete the work you need no matter what or how!

In summary, we have extensive skills in our specialist area, regardless of the water and wastewater application area, the scale and the implementation you need. Working together with you as partners, we can build precisely the machines and plants you ask for. That they work to your satisfaction goes without saying. Give us a try and find out!


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