Our archimedean screw pumps are unsurpassed

Tailor-made solutions from the market leader.

KUHN Archimedean screw pumps are used as sewage and drainage pumps and its operating behavior is unsurpassed by any other pump type. The unrivaled operational reliability combined with a long service life clearly makes them the most economical conveying system (especially for wastewater).

With over four decades of experience with Archimedean screw pumps, we can ensure delivery of optimal, tailor-made solutions based on expert knowledge. Try us now!

KWS archimedean screw pumps

Hardly any machine in the wastewater sector offers as many advantages as the spiral pump.

  • It is extremely durable, requires little maintenance and operates reliably
  • High efficiency ratios with an extensive control range (no suction/pressure losses)
  • A gentle conveying process for biological cultures with no adverse effect on sedimentation properties or floc structure. All this facilitates conversion of sewage to a condition that allows clarification
  • Conveys raw wastewater with gross debris, with no additional screens required at pump stations
  • Extremely resistant to clogging
  • Made in Germany
  • Use of best components: Our proven quality at KUHN is legendary!

KUHN is the only manufacturer with expert knowledge on all trough shapes – from rotating jacketed troughs to specialized thin-film mortar troughs – let us determine the best possible system for you and implement it. Because there are no poor solutions, just incorrect applications!

You can find a selection of our trough shapes here:

KWKS hydropower screw

Mechanically indestructible, stable and offering outstanding long-term reliability, KUHN KWKS hydropower screws create both old and new energy potential – whether for “residual water use” at existing hydroelectric power sites or standalone operation in remote areas of the world.

Based on its simple design, the technology is extremely promising and sustainable. Driven by the height difference of the water and a flat angle of installation, the mechanical force of the (river) water is converted into electrical energy and heat.

  • Minimal investment and operating costs
  • A high degree of operational reliability
  • Enhanced efficiency ratios
  • Fish-friendly
  • Advanced technology, low maintenance and long service life
  • Optional: with heat exchanger

HYBRID sewage pump screw

We use the screw trough as a large-surface heat exchanger – with outstanding properties and effects:

  • Turbulent flows with high Reynolds numbers at boundary surfaces result in optimal heat transfer coefficients
  • Heat exchanger made of steel with very good heat conductivity
  • Rotational motion results in a far larger wetted surface than in the channel
  • Residue-free contact surface
  • Continuously self-cleaning and maintenance-free – for decades!
  • Does not interfere with the conveying process
  • Visible and accessible at all times

The steel screw trough becomes a heat exchanger by integrating water-conveying channels. In this secondary circuit, water is guided along the rear of the trough, absorbing part of the wastewater heat and transporting it to a commercially available heat pump. This heat pump increases the energy level and makes it available to consumers.

What is so special about this solution? The screw’s actual function is not affected in any way.

This adds up to huge potential savings for municipal and industrial customers!

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