Optimal, customized solutions.

The rising volume of untreated and also treated screenings, grit and sewage sludge often require an upgrade or complete new structural design of the pumping and conveying technology. There are innovative approaches available, often in combination with conventional products and processes, that are important and helpful.

The extensive industry experience of KUHN in the area of conveying solids makes it possible for us to identify just the right solution for each application scenario.

KSF Spiral Conveyor

The KUHN KSF spiral conveyor is used for conveying solids and sludge in many areas of industry.

  • For sludge originating in municipalities and in industry, especially sludge that tends to be tacky and sticky
  • For screenings and sludge traps at sewage treatment plants
  • For waste from large industry kitchens, slaughterhouses, etc.
  • For ash and slag
  • For conveyed material of varying size (household waste, industrial waste materials and similar forms of refuse)
  • For raw materials in the foods industry
  • For residual substances in the wood and paper industry
  • For bulk materials and a wide variety of solid matter


  • A closed system for hygienic protection
  • Conveying path of up to 20 m possible without an intermediate bearing
  • Wide inclination angle
  • Modular design offers flexibility
  • Additional functions can be integrated in conveying path (e.g., cooling, heating, washing)
  • Low-wear construction minimizes required maintenance
  • Rugged high-grade materials used
  • Replaceable wear liners


The KSF-P spiral conveyor with press zone is used in many industry applications for the transport and subsequent dewatering of solids and sludge containing solid matter.

  • A closed system for hygienic protection
  • Conveying path of up to 20 m possible without an intermediate bearing
  • Including several inlets along conveying path is possible
  • Dewaters and applies a simple technique for increasing the dried solid matter of the conveyed material
  • An attractive and low-priced alternative to the KSP or KWP screw presses
  • A very straightforward and maintenance-friendly conveying solution
  • Counter-pressure adjustable by means of a spring-loaded pressure flap
  • Modular design offers flexibility
  • Additional functions along conveying path can be integrated (e.g., washing/heating)
  • Design reduces wear, with replaceable wear-resistant linings
  • Rugged high-grade materials used

KSF-Z Spiral Conveyor

The KUHN KSF-Z spiral conveyor is a special design of the KUHN KSF spiral conveyor and of course offers the same quality features. Unlike the KSF, the KSF-Z has two completely separated shaftless spiral conveyors that transport the material in two interconnected troughs. This means the KSF-Z can move high volumes of material despite its compact design.

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