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The filtration and treatment of grit is of exceptional importance in (municipal) sewage treatment plants The grit must be filtered out of the wastewater stream in order to protect the downstream machines and plants from excessive wear. At the same time, choosing the right individual components such as grit chambers and grit washers is highly important because fine grit can only be filtered out if these components work optimally together.

KSW-S/RW Grit Washer

The KUHN KSW-S/RW grit washer is primarily used for processing sediment from aerated municipal grit chambers.

  • Ignition lost values < 3%
  • Filtration capacity 95% for grain sizes < 0.2 mm Dry solids content of separated grit > 90%
  • Low operational costs
  • Very high container volume enables maximum filtration capacity for fine and finest grit
  • No bearings on bottom of the grit separation screw
  • User-definable position of the inlets and outlets including the grit separation screw
  • Exceptional ease of maintenance – all parts can are removable and easy to access as screw, whether screw- or flange-connected
  • Standalone separation containers via three heavy-duty load brackets
  • Intuitive and spacious instrument panel

KSW-T/RW Grit Washer

The special design of the KSW-T allows a conveyor to also be loaded with “dry” bulk solids from silos, a KUHN KSK screw classifier or KUHN KSK or KOPA compact plant. This makes it possible supply a solution for both municipal as well as industry requirements.

  • Compact design
  • Easy to modify for existing plants
  • Retrofittable
  • Ignition lost values ≤ 3% can be achieved
  • Achievable dry solid content of the separated grit > 90 %
  • Low operational costs
  • High separation capacity for fine and finest grids
  • High discharge capacity
  • Easy maintenance and low wear because there are no rotating parts or machine units in the washing area
  • No bearings on the bottom of the grit separation screw
  • Replaceable abrasion protection
  • Variable inclination angle
  • Variable conveyor length

KSK Screw Classifier

The KUHN KSK screw classifier separates sediment into solid and fluid constituents. The classifier’s special constructional principle and robust design and low energy consumption provide long-term investment security.

  • Avoiding turbulence which disturbs sedimentation
  • High filtration capacity thanks to special classifier construction principle
  • Low energy consumption
  • Replaceable wear liners
  • Robust design and high-quality materials ensure high operational reliability
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Large inspection opening
  • Additional drainage openings
  • Catches floating matter

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