New developments related to KUHN GmbH.

The sports festival season begins!

July 2024 | KUHN football team shows off its skills

It’s summer, the holiday and holiday season is just around the corner…. and the sports festival season begins. For the KUHN football team, this means “get on the ball” and show what they can do.

At the sports festival in Schweinberg, our colleagues were able to secure 3rd place. After losing one game and winning two against Erdbau Volk and Göbes GmbH, they were beaten by Braun in the semi-final. In the end, a 4:5 penalty shoot-out win against Gustav Eirich was enough to secure 3rd place.

Two long-serving employees go into well-deserved retirement!

June 2024 | Franz-Karl Bechtold and Jürgen Hilpert bid farewell

Two long-standing employees are leaving the company. Franz-Karl Bechtold can now finally call himself “retired” after more than 32 years at KUHN and Jürgen Hilpert has also reached his well-deserved retirement after more than 13 years.

With them, two very reliable and competent colleagues are leaving us. We will miss both of them very much with their many years of experience and their great knowledge.

Dear Franz and Jürgen, we wish you all the best for the new phase of your lives, and above all many more decades of good health. You are always welcome here.

THANK YOU for everything!

After a 2-year break, IFAT was finally back in May!

May 2024 | World’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management

More than 142,000 visitors from around 170 countries and regions came to Munich this year for the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management – that’s a new record!

Climate, water, energy and the environment are among the most important issues of our time. We at KUHN GmbH deal with these issues on a daily basis and are therefore proud to have been part of this impressive event.

With a new exhibition stand and all kinds of innovations in our luggage, we presented ourselves for five days as a competent and holistic partner for our customers and interested parties in the field of wastewater technology.

We focused in particular on our modern and reliable machines – old technology that is reinventing itself, but also many new products that are revolutionizing the market. Coupled with our KUHN 360 as an essential component of active water management.

THANK YOU for five intensive days full of interesting discussions, nice contacts, great impressions and hours of fun!

And above all, THANK YOU for your visit to our stand and your great interest in our products as well as our holistic solutions and the expertise of KUHN.

KUHN will be 100 years young in 2026!

You can already look forward to IFAT 2026 and celebrate the anniversary with us in the midst of tomorrow’s innovations.

KUHN at IFAT India

October 2023 | Feasibility study signed

In October, our Managing Director Dr Michael Kuhn took part in IFAT India in Mumbai, together with our Indian partner, as an exhibitor at the German joint stand.

In this context, a feasibility study was signed between the city of Chennai, the water ministry of the state of Tamil Nadu and German Water Partnership (GWP). The Federal Ministry for the Environment had commissioned several companies for this purpose. The aim was to conclude a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to rehabilitate the Nesapakkam wastewater treatment plant. The process technology of this plant is to be completely modernised. KUHN would like to supply the inlet group for this.

An official report on GWP’s partnership with India was published in the magazine “Wasser & Abwasser International” (wwt).

26 years in daily use under the toughest conditions

July 2023 | A special order at KUHN

Our customer Porta Westfalica has decided to replace a wash press for screenings treatment at the Möllbergen wastewater treatment plant.

Not really worthy of a headline. But what is so special about this order? This wash press was one of the very first to be developed and built at the time. After more than 26 years of reliable and faithful service, it is now being replaced by a more advanced but equally robust KWP-Premium 250/600 model due to its age. There are currently well over 2,500 of these KUHN machines in use around the world – something we are naturally more than proud of!

Head of Production Elmar Kaiser retires after 48 years at KUHN

December 2022 | Management and colleagues thank Elmar Kaiser

Managing Director Dr Michael Kuhn called Elmar Kaiser a “living KUHN encyclopaedia” when he bid farewell to him in December 2022. Almost five decades earlier, Kaiser had applied for an apprenticeship as an electrician at Franz Kuhn oHG. However, the position had already been filled, so he was offered an apprenticeship as an office administrator. “I accepted the offer and have never regretted it,” says Kaiser. “Thanks to the foresight of the respective managing directors and the commitment of each individual employee, a lot has been tackled and achieved in the 48 years.” And that, added Managing Director Jürgen Kuhn, was not least thanks to Elmar Kaiser himself: “Elmar never lost sight of the big picture. No matter how stressful a situation is: Elmar remains friendly and calm, he finds solutions instead of problems. He was and is always very popular with all colleagues, customers and partners!”

The Höpfinger not only experienced decades of change at KUHN, but also helped to shape it: The small craft business became a nationally and internationally recognised expert in the field of water and wastewater with over 170 employees. Trainee Elmar Kaiser first became a commercial employee in sales and the building services department, drew up quotations, became an expert in stocktaking and in 2012 became head of the production department. He lived up to his motto: “There’s a lot to do. Let’s get on with it!” Kaiser was a highly valued point of contact for experienced and young colleagues and set standards in terms of reliability, expertise, collegiality and loyalty.

In his farewell speech, Elmar Kaiser impressively described what 48 years of change inside and outside the world of work means: “When I started my apprenticeship in 1974, Germany had just become football world champion for the second time. A litre of regular petrol cost 83 pfennigs, a beer at the Oktoberfest 3.20 DM. Communication at KUHN was by telephone, in writing with letters and, if it had to be quicker, “chatting” by telex. Fitters had to find a telephone box for every enquiry and construction sites or customers were found using maps, car atlases and directions. Water experts – world wide was still a long way off.” In keeping with the tradition of his work, Elmar Kaiser concluded his speech with an optimistic wish for his colleagues to continue to pull together. After all, this attitude had brought him a happy working life for 48 years.

Not only the management, but also Kaiser’s colleagues thanked him for his commitment to KUHN over his 48 years with the company. KUHN in Höpfingen is certain that Elmar Kaiser will remain part of the family business even after these 48 years.

Sparkling drinking water for Gerichtstetten primary school

October 2022 | Donation makes purchase possible

Quote from the official gazette and newsletter of the municipality of Hardheim with the district of Gerichtstetten:

“There was great joy among the pupils and teachers at the primary school in Gerichtstetten when the new water dispenser was put into operation. It is thanks to both the Kuhn company from Höpfingen and the primary school’s support association that the children can now come to school with a little less weight in their satchels, as they no longer have to bring their drinks from home, but can quench their thirst with chilled, still or sparkling water from the new water dispenser, depending on their taste.

The children were particularly enthusiastic about the drinking bottles specially made for all pupils and teachers at Gerichtstetten Primary School to mark the introduction of the water dispenser. The bottles are adorned with a very attractive imprint, consisting of the logo of the sponsoring organisation and the children’s names, which makes the bottles something very special. The attractive design of the drinking bottles was developed by Mrs Ehrenfried-Dittmar from RED Kreativ.

The purchase of the high-quality stainless steel bottles was organised with great commitment by the support association team led by chairman Florian Dörr and was only possible thanks to the very generous donation from the Kuhn company.

Managing Director Jürgen Kuhn emphasised at the handover that the donation was made with great pleasure for Gerichtstetten primary school and was delighted with the result and the opportunity to support a meaningful and useful project.

At the end of the handover, headmistress Daniela Taranto expressed her great thanks to all those involved in the “water dispenser” project, especially the Kuhn company, the support association team and Mrs Ehrenfried-Dittmar, without whose commitment and financial support the implementation would not have been possible.”

Finally IFAT is back!

May / June 2022 | IFAT Munich 2022

IFAT is back! The world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management stands for innovation and sustainibility. After an enforced break in 2020, we were once again able to meet our custumers, partners and friends in person in the Bavarian capital. Like you, we at KUHN have missed this direct and uncomplicated exchange in recent years.

However, we made good use of the time until this IFAT and did what we do at best at KUHN: We worked on the optimal solutions for our customers’ problems. We wre able to present four new machines to our guests at IFAT! For example our KGR Hinged screen and our KST Drum screen.

Thank you for visiting our stand in Munich and for your great interest in our products and the expertise of KUHN. See you in two years at the latest!


October 2021 | Many KUHN GmbH employees honored at company party

The management board of KUHN GmbH, Höpfingen invited their employees to the “big” company party held every other year. Due to the current coronavirus pandemic the event was less formal and held in the company’s production hall while observing protection measures.

Managing director Jürgen Kuhn greeted not only the company’s staff but also the previous generation of company management, Günther Kuhn and his wife Anneliese, Emma Kuhn, and former authorized signatory Norbert Kuhn and his wife Marianne. He also welcomed mayor Hauk, who represented the Höpfingen municipality.

The most important part of the afternoon was quickly addressed: this involved the two managing directors honoring employees for their many years of service to the company. The number of those being honored and how long they had worked for KUHN demonstrated their high degree of identification with the company and made him proud, said Jürgen Kuhn, who then introduced the 40 members of staff being recognized, with humorous commentary.

The following employees were honored: ….

For 10 years: Mario Haas, Eduard Wirtz, Jürgen Hilpert, Jürgen Kirchgeßner, Simone Beichert, Andreas Frank, Peter Kantert, Peter Wulf, Elisabeth Hilpert, Simon Mahler, Daniel Wagner und Steffen Gärtner geehrt.

For 15 years and with the bronze medal from the Mannheimer Chapter of the Chamber of Trades: Torsten Kaiser, Thomas Greß, Georg Sulzer, Jens Eiermann, Andreas Gramlich, Manfred Hauk und Christian Hilpert.

For 20 years: Josef König, Horst Kuhn, Ralf Kinbacher und Rene Hauk.

For 25 years and also with the silver medal from the Chapter of the Chamber of Trades: Michael Volk, Mathias Speth und Martin Sans.

For 30 years: Michael Philipps, Johann Wischnewski, Katja Czerny, Thorsten Weidner, Martin Biringer und Anke Knörzer sowie die beiden Geschäftsführer Jürgen Kuhn und Dr. Michael Kuhn.

For 35 years: Günter Rabl und Doris Burger.

Richard Hefner and Claudia Großkinsky were recognized for a special anniversary, 40 years of company service, which was also honored with a Gold Medal from the Mannheim Chapter of the Chamber of Trades as well as a Certificate of Honor from the State of Baden-Württemberg.

Elmar Kaiser was honored for 45 years of faithful service to KUHN. Speaking on behalf of the management board, Jürgen Kuhn thanked those honored for their successful cooperation.

Finally, the managing directors Jürgen and Michael Kuhn also recognized their uncle, Norbert Kuhn, who first began working for KUHN 60 years ago – a period of time that is anything but common. Jürgen Kuhn emphasized in particular the professionalism demonstrated by Norbert Kuhn with regard to building services and all the construction and maintenance measures completed over several decades. Even now, while actually retired, he can always be counted upon to help when needed.

Jürgen Kuhn thanked all the employees for their excellent work and outstanding commitment before stepping up to the microphone again to provide an outlook on the current and forthcoming fiscal year. He reported that, despite the scarcity of skilled employees, orders were currently very good because in the region and internationally the name KUHN is widely known and recognized for the high quality it achieves.

After that, participants moved from the official to the social part of the afternoon.

IHK Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis

September 2021 | IHK meeting at KUHN

Last Monday, a meeting of the members of the IHK plenary assembly, Neckar-Odenwald district, took place at KUHN.

After everyone had strengthened themselves with a small dinner, a short company tour followed, before the upcoming plenary meeting of the Mannheim Chamber of Commerce, which took place on September 15, 2021, was prepared and discussed.

Seen in the photo (from left to right):

Stefan Kempf, ÜAB Buchen │ Dr. Andreas Hildenbrand, IHK NOK │ Volker Egenberger, Egenberger IT Solutions GmbH │ Hans-Georg Ehrmann, Röth Eisengießerei GmbH & Co. KG │ Christoph Schneider, OKW GmbH & Co. KG │ Cornelia Friedrich, Pflege- und Gesundheitsservice Friedrich │ Ralf Rohmann, Gustav Eirich GmbH & Co. KG │ Jürgen Kuhn, KUHN GmbH Technische Anlagen


May 2021 | New conveyor screws in sewage treatment plant

The Eichsfelder Kessel regional wastewater association will emphasize efficiency and climate protection when modernizing its Bernterode/Wipper sewage treatment plant, which is designed for a population of 15,000 (with 14,416 inhabitants currently using the system).

Since being installed as the wastewater association’s first such facility, the plant has been in operation for over 25 years. Because current efforts are largely focused on energy-efficient refurbishment, the association attaches great importance to the results of its climate protection concept. As association managing director Thiele says, the objective is to increase energy efficiency. That is why the so-called recirculation sludge conveyor screws were renovated. “Due to wear and tear, it was no longer possible to easily convey the recirculated sludge. This had a direct impact on operation and disposal safety,” said Thiele. In addition, energy consumption was rising exponentially. The question was therefore whether the sewage pump screws needed to be repaired or replaced. The regional association ultimately decided on complete replacement.

Our managing director Dr. Michael Kuhn traveled to the official commissioning of the plant because our company supplied and installed the Archimedean screw pumps. It was a special occasion for our company boss because it was the 1,000th such sewage pump screw to leave the KUHN GmbH production line. As a special memento, he brought a present along – a small gold-colored 3D print version of the Archimedean screw pump – a certificate and a coupon for the first routine maintenance work. Michael Kuhn, who has seen his share of sewage treatment plants, gave high praise to the operators of the plant, saying “It doesn’t stink here. That shows the plant is working very well, and, besides, the lawn is mowed. That in turn shows you how people pay close attention to things around here.”

The photo shows specialist department manager David Meitzner, association chairman Eckart Lintzel, wastewater manager Christian Iseke, manager Oliver Thiele and our managing director Dr. Michael Kuhn at the official plant start-up ceremony.


May 2021 | The “Big Apple” chooses machinery made in Höpfingen

The Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission (PVSC) has placed an order for seven wash presses with us through our partner Vulcan Industries Inc. Our equipment will be deployed to supplement disposal processes in which residue from upstream separation is removed, washed, compacted and dewatered. PVSC had already been testing wash presses starting in 2015 and ultimately decided on the quality machinery manufactured by KUHN GmbH.

As one of the largest state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facilities on the East Coast, the 0.70 km² PVSC facility has more than 13 km of access roads, over 1.6 km of supply tunnels, many kilometers of sewer lines and processing tubes, thousands of instruments and valves, hundreds of pumps and a 137.16 m long bridge over Doremus Avenue.

The incoming volume is also remarkable: the plant is designed to treat an average volume of 14.45 m³/s of wastewater at a maximum throughput of 17.25 m³/s.


May 2021 | 30-year KUHN anniversary

Our managing director Dr. Michael Kuhn was predestined to become a part of KUHN GmbH from very early in life. He joined the company only a month later than managing director Jürgen Kuhn and celebrated his 30th anniversary with the company on May 1, 2021. We wish to express our THANKS to you too, Michael, and look back at your career with KUHN until now.

After completing studies in utility engineering at Esslingen University and completing an internship in the United States, Michael completed an additional degree in industrial engineering. He then joined KUHN GmbH on May 1, 1991.

As the third generation in company management, in 1997, together with Jürgen Kuhn he acquired all the shares in the company and has been running KUHN since that time as managing shareholder. Initially responsible for electrical engineering at the company, in the meantime, he has also assumed responsibility for Building Services, Sales & Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources and IT.

Over the years, Michael has left his mark at important milestones in the history of KUHN and has represented the company well, especially externally. He enjoys and is deeply committed to his role in numerous committees and associations. For example, since 2014 he has chaired the India Country Forum of the German Water Partnership (GWP) and has served on the advisory committee of the environmental technology industry association Umwelttechnik Baden-Württemberg.

To name only a few examples, since 2015 he has served on the foreign trade committee of the Rhine-Neckar Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and has even served as a member of the GWP executive committee since 2018. Based on his broadly based networking, he has contributed significantly to the growth of KUHN GmbH, in particular by expanding sales internationally in recent years.

In 2014 Michael earned a Doctor of Engineering degree from the University of Rostock and in 2021 was granted the title of expert consultant on flow measurement for Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.

On behalf of the entire workforce, we wish to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU, Michael, for your 30 years of tireless service, commitment and dedication to the KUHN company!


April 2021 | FAT

Exceptional measures are called for in exceptional times!

A digital FAT (factory acceptance test) was carried out with customers from Israel at the KUHN GmbH factory premises this past Friday.

Acceptance testing of equipment is often done with the customer locally before the machinery is shipped abroad. Due to problems related to the coronavirus pandemic, it was not possible for our customers from Israel to travel to Germany, meaning that the FAT procedure was done by video conference. This was a new experience for us, too…

Despite the circumstances, the customer was completely satisfied with the quality of the machine and approved it for shipping. And so the machine will soon begin its long journey to Israel.

Note: Our employees have of course secured a corona self-test before the meeting!


April 2021 | 30-year KUHN Arbeitsjubiläum

Our managing director Jürgen Kuhn is able to look back on a 30-year work career with us. On the occasion of this anniversary, we would like to express our THANKS to him and review a few highlights in his KUHN history so far!

After studying electrical engineering in Mannheim and working at Siemens, on April 1, 1991 Jürgen Kuhn began his professional career with KUHN GmbH, which was still run by his father, Günther Kuhn, as a project manager and electrical engineering calculation specialist.

In 1997, together with his cousin Michael Kuhn, as the third generation in their family, they acquired the shares in the company and since that time he has been co-managing shareholder.

He was initially responsible for electrical engineering at the company. In the meantime – due to organizational restructuring in 2014 – he has also taken over responsibility for project management, production, assembly, purchasing, service and warehousing.

Over the years, Jürgen has left his mark on many milestones in the history of KUHN GmbH: To name only a few, in 2002 the acquisition of the Egner company’s assets, and in 2004 the acquisition and development of the Schell company site in Höpfingen. The expansion or enlargement of the KUHN company premises (extension of the paint shop, new construction of building 2, modernization of office building 6, etc.) was largely supervised by him.

He contributed significantly to the growth of KUHN GmbH and the development of the international sales market in recent years.

He is also active in the industry outside KUHN GmbH and as a member of the IHK Rhein-Neckar General Assembly.

Dear Jürgen, on behalf of the entire workforce, we want to say THANK YOU for your dedication and commitment as managing director, project manager and representative over these past 30 years! All our best wishes and many happy returns of the day…


February 2021 | The 1,000th KUHN Archimedean screw pump

At the end of 2020 we received an order from the “Eichsfelder Kessel” regional wastewater association to supply and install three Archimedean screw pumps for the Bernterode sewage treatment plant.

When completed at the end of April of this year, one of these three units will be the 1,000th screw pump to leave our production line since 1978.

At the time, Kuhn GmbH was breaking completely new ground with technical dimensioning and qualified manufacturing. Today, KUHN is the largest German manufacturer of Archimedean screw pumps, which make a significant contribution to the success of the company.

In addition to production, the refurbishment of screw pump lifting stations has also become a key area of focus at our company. Tailor-made solutions are offered in line with customer requirements and solutions developed specifically for individual applications.

In the case of this order, three compact tube screws measuring 900 mm in diameter and 5000 mm in length are integrated within a sludge recirculation pumping station. With an energy-efficient IE4 engine, infinite height adjustment for adjusting volume flow rate and an aluminum weather protection hood, we are certain that this equipment will serve its purpose for many years to come.


February 2021 | Renovation of the conference room

In Office Building 1, the conference room, which had scarcely been altered since 1993, has been re-modeled into a modern communications room.

The usual meetings around a “round table” are no longer up-to-date. We were forced to acknowledge this by 2020, when events and meetings were mainly conducted digitally.

The room has not been set up in a conventional way, but has been given an appealingly relaxed flair. It not only meets the requirements for modern communications, such as for example online meetings, but will serve as the platform for casual internal discussions, development of ideas, and sharing of knowledge within our departments and working groups.


January 2021 | Mobile intercommunal sludge press (MSP)

Since 2002 a number of rural municipalities in the Buchen area have been jointly operating a mobile sewage drainage system. The centrifuges and all necessary equipment such as pumps, flocculant treatment and metering, and the necessary control systems are installed in a truck trailer. This trailer is transported by the local user cooperative to the plant where it is to be used and set up, connected and operated by local specialized staff. The system is organized by the City of Buchen. Maintenance is mainly carried out by the Service Department of KUHN GmbH and electrical faults are quickly eliminated by the company’s center for electronics and automation to the customer’s complete satisfaction.
Unfortunately, the ravages of time – corrosive air and dampness – have now led to serious damage to the electronics. However, sealing of the leaky roof of the housing was not possible, as the opening in the roof had to be retained for maintenance purposes.

As a result, it was decided to overhaul the entire internal technology of the equipment and renew the housing and chassis.

The old trailer was dismantled by KUHN GmbH, the centrifuge overhauled by a specialist firm in Würzburg, and a new chassis and mounting supplied by a local vehicle builder. The power distribution boards for the centrifuge and the flocculant treatment and metering were completely renewed by KUHN and mounted in a control cabinet.
Operations will commence in the near future under the supervision of the centrifuge specialist in a plant that is served by the mobile sludge dewatering system.

All in all, a very interesting and not everyday task for KUHN GmbH.


October 2020 | IHK Foreign Trade Committee

Our managing director, Dr. Michael Kuhn, has been appointed a member of the Foreign Trade Committee from 2020 to 2025 by the Executive Council of the Rhine-Neckar Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

Managing director Jürgen Kuhn was elected one of the eight representatives of the Neckar-Odenwald region (with him five of whom are from industry) in the Plenary Assembly. Representatives from companies serving on this committee of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) work together as equal partners and represent the business sector vis-à-vis politics and administration.

Voluntary service by member companies allows the IHK to work effectively and with a practical focus on behalf of industry.

Our managing partners are already looking forward to worthwhile exchanges, interesting contacts and a successful role furthering the interests of member companies in our region.